Dr. Nick Techentin


As a  clinical psychologist I hold a doctorate in psychology.  Professionally I have acted as a consultant to various drug and alcohol rehabs specializing in dual-diagnosis treatment.  I recently held the position as program director of an exclusive Malibu rehab, involved in the facility from its inception and through its development into a successful enterprise.  Prior to that I was associated with one of the more successful dual diagnosis residential treatment facilities in the country, specializing in clients with very specified needs and in some cases acute conditions.  Over the years, I have gained extensive experience working with clients one on one and in groups as well as management and set-up of the infrastructure for long-term residential treatment facilities.

I received bachelors in both Psychology and English from the University of Southern California, and obtained my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine.  At Pepperdine, my thesis analyzed and tested the relationship between gratitude and emotional well-being.  I have documented a variety of alternative treatments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in my research thesis.  My doctorate was obtained from Chicago School of Professional Psychology (formally California Graduate Institute), where I became a certified hypnotherapist.  My dissertation analyzed and explored the self-medication theory of substance abuse, which gives me a unique insight into the area of addiction.  This combination of education and professional experience has given me valuable knowledge about co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, pain disorders, personality disorders and trauma.

In my pre-doctorate years I trained under a Jungian Analyst and in my post-doctorate focused on neurobiology and holistic treatment of substance abuse. I bring the respect and professionalism that every person seeking treatment deserves.

Being versed in many different approaches I have adopted my own combination of modalities in treating clients. The first step is to make an appointment, I will assess your unique situation and develop a plan with you in order to restore well-being.