Dr. Nick Techentin

PhD, Clinical Psychologist     CA License PSY24946

Life is not always easy.  Sometimes unexpected challenges can upset your whole life and it seems difficult to attain peace of mind. You may have developed habits to help you deal with the stresses of life; some of these coping mechanisms can be unhealthy and lead to challenges in our lives and how we interact with others. In some cases they can become destructive forces in our lives that we find difficult to stop.  We then may feel lost and out of control.  When facing these circumstances, quality options for therapy and treatment can be helpful, if not necessary.
You may have tried friends or family that are willing to help.  You may have tried self-help books and spiritual practices.  However, in some scenarios this may not be enough. You can choose to continue down this same old, frustrating path of treatments or instead choose to work with a psychotherapist expert who knows how to handle the issues you are facing and guide you towards a healthy recovery.

Take this opportunity to find a caring psychologist to help you finally overcome the issues with which you are struggling.

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